School Librarian: Best Job in the Building!

If you are lucky enough to be a school librarian, you already know a little secret: it’s the best job on school grounds! Where else can you maximize student interaction, engage student learning, and become one of the most influential adults in the building but in the school library? Mia MacMeekin knows it, and on her blog has created the most wonderful infographic on what school librarians do. She counted 27 things…can you think of more? Do you really want to add more?   Ha!

So congrats to you, school librarian!

As the school year begins a refresh, a reboot if you will, of the school building often occurs. Floors are buffed, walls painted, classrooms are reconfigured.

Have you considered rearranging or repurposing library space to make it more attractive to students? While every school district’s budget can’t absorb the costs of completing renovating its libraries, perhaps a look at what some schools have done may inspire you to change things up even a little bit. In Los Angeles, a school library in Watts has undergone a full blown transformation, while other schools just spruce up the décor a little bit.

Doug Johnson, on his Blue Skunk blog has done some thinking on just what types of spaces a school library needs, his comprehensive list may be a good place for you to start.

Pinterest and Google Images may also provide you with some good ideas for decor. Hint: we used the words “school library design” and “school library décor” as a search starting point, but you’re a pro…and may think of something better.   Here are two of our favorites:


Point young readers to new lands!
Point young readers to new lands!


Sometimes kids need to know that reading is as fun as watching a video!
Sometimes kids need to know that reading is as fun as watching a video!

If you come up with something cool, send us a pic. We’ll tweet it and share the love!

Finding books and magazines kids will read…and finding ways to entice them to read that material…that’s getitng down to the nitty gritty.

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